Water Outages or Technical Issues

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February 20, 2021 10:29 AM


The recent week of dripping faucets and busted pipes has triggered many valid concerns regarding the upcoming new Wastewater Winter Average calculation. LCMUA bases Winter Average on the average water consumption during November, December, January, and February. The month with the highest volume is dropped and the remaining months are averaged.
If this past week puts your total February billing period usage at the top, then the entire month will be dropped from the calculation. As always, anyone with concerns regarding their bill and winter average can call our office to speak to a team member when we return to the office Monday morning, 2/22/21. We are more than happy to review the data on an individual case by case basis and do the right thing for our customers. Also, we want to remind our residents to consider submitting a Leak Adjustment Request if you had a pipe burst during this past week.
In the meantime click the link below to learn more about the Wastewater Winter Average process and how it applies to you.

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