It is the policy of Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority (Authority) that line extensions of water and sewer lines to facilitate development are made by the Developer.  The Developer shall confirm to the master plan in the determination of line sizes.  In no case will line extensions be permitted outside the Authority's service area without approval of the Board of Directors. 

All installations of public water and sewer facilities shall require a "Facilities Agreement" to be executed between LCMUA and the Developer or installer of said facilities.  LCMUA Board of Directors approval shall be required for LCMUA cost participation in projects, as necessary for installing facilities in accordance with water and sewer master plans.  As necessary, the General Manager and Authority Engineer shall modify, update and/or keep current technical specifications for lift station construction, SCADA facilities and standard details and specifications for construction of public waste and sanitary sewer facilities.  It shall be the responsibility of the Developer to meet the latest technical requirements, standard specifications and details for construction when constructing water or sanitary sewer facilities that are to be owned and operated by the Authority.  

For information on the development review process and presentation guidelines please refer to the LCMUA General Requirements for Development Guide.