General Information
Lake Cities Municipal Utility Authority contracts with Denton County Elections to hold its elections.  The Election Day Polling Place for qualified voters of LCMUA is listed below.

           Lake Dallas City Hall
           212 Main St.
           Lake Dallas, TX 75065

LCMUA is a political subdivision created by House Bill 1008 on April 30, 1960 and is governed by a board of five directors.  Directors are elected at large by the qualified voters residing within the boundaries of LCMUA.  Directors serve four-year staggered terms.  A director must:

            1)  be at least 21 years old at the time of election or appointment;
            2)  have been a resident within the boundaries of LCMUA for at least six months before
                 election or appointment and maintain that residence during the director's term;
            3)  never have been convicted of a felony offense or any offense of theft;
            4)  be capable of being bonded; and
            5)  reside as follows:
                       a.  for Place 1, in the City of Lake Dallas or its extraterritorial jurisdiction;
                       b.  for Place 2, within the boundaries of LCMUA;
                       c.  for Place 3, in the Town of Shady Shores or its extraterritorial jurisdiction;
                       d.  for Place 4, within the boundaries of LCMUA; and
                       e.  for Place 5, in the Town of Hickory Creek or its extraterritorial jurisdiction.

A member of a governing body of a municipal corporation or an employee of a municipal corporation may not serve as a director.  

For more information or general election questions, please contact Becky Vickers, LCMUA Human Resources Manager (940) 497-2999.  To learn more about State and County Elections visit the Denton County Election website or the Texas Secretary of State website.