Watershed Protection

For Vital Drinking Water Supplies and for Quality of Life in the Community

The area around Lewisville Lake in Denton County is rapidly being transformed from a rural setting to urbanized communities.  Population growth and development will continue.  In the public interest, it is urgent that the potential effect on water quality and the water supply for this region not be taken for granted.

Communities in the Lewisville Lake watershed are knitted together by the many water courses that extend into and through neighborhoods.  A coordinated program by the Upper Trinity Regional Water District for Watershed Protection offers every community the opportunity to work with nearby communities on common strategies.  Pursuing a shared vision about Watershed Protection allows communities to achieve better results.  The goal is to preserve and safeguard the quality of water resources and quality of life - - right where we live.

On behalf of the communities located in the watershed of Lewisville Lake, the Upper Trinity Regional Water District is coordinating a Watershed Protection Program for mutual benefit. Each community has a strategic opportunity to help preserve and protect natural features of the watershed, including creeks, flood plains, riparian zones, wetlands and greenbelts.  Also, each citizen can become informed about the watershed and can help protect water quality in everyday activities at home and at work.

For more information about protecting and preserving irreplaceable water resource assets in the watershed, please refer to the following links.